Contact us to order and customize your own wreath and Garland!

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Contact us to order your very own Christmas Tree today

Contact us to order and customize your own wreath and Garland!

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A Real Tree For a Real Christmas

Cupkie Christmas Village grows and sells authentic Christmas trees right on our family farm. Come pick out your own fir, spruce or pine today!

The brilliant luster. The sweet, woody fragrance. The irreplaceable spirit.

There is no substitute for a real Christmas tree, and no other holiday tradition tops heading out to a family farm in the wintertime to pick out and cut down your own fir, spruce or pine.

Christmas might only be one day a year, but the passion is year-round here at Cupkie Christmas Village. Our arborists spend winter, spring, summer and fall tending to our grove so everything is perfect by the time you’re ready to cut down the perfect tree. Saws are available only if you do not bring your own. You’ll appreciate where all our hard work went from the moment you set up your healthy, living Christmas tree in your home until the sad day when you finally take it down. That’s our guarantee to you!

Would you rather not add sawing to your annual Christmas traditions? Not a problem! Our team of happy elves (who are in actuality mostly farm boys) have already cut and baled a wide selection of our beautiful Christmas trees for you to choose from. We also offer all the wreaths and garlands that festive cheer can’t do without, not to mention plenty of magic for the whole family to enjoy during your visit.

Your Christmas spirit is real. Your Christmas tree should be, too!

Please contact Cupkie Christmas Village to learn more about our wide selection of live Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands!

Our Christmas Trees


The Perfect “Old Fashioned” Christmas tree with a fragrance to match. Very dense with short, soft needles.  Excellent needle retention.


Often referred to as “the Cadillac of Christmas trees,” the Fraser Fir has very fragrant and sturdy boughs that support the heaviest of ornaments.  It has soft short needles of a deep bluish-green color.

Meyer Spruce

Stiff, light blue-green needles. Grows dense and symmetrical. Also used as an ornamental tree. It makes an ideal table-top tree as well as a full-sized tree.

White Spruce

Excellent foliage color, good form and needle retention, short stiff needles perfect for ornaments

Scotch Pine

A common Christmas tree in the U.S, an excellent survival rate- Needles don’t even fall when they’re dry. Low maintain and a great keepability throughout the Christmas season large, openly branched evergreen recognized by its drooping branchlets and large cones. 

White Pine

Long, 3″-5″, flowing green needles and soft branches that can only handle light decorations. It has a pleasant fragrance and full appearance.


Norway Spruce is a large, openly branched evergreen recognized by its drooping branchlets and large cones.

Contact us to order your very own Christmas Tree today!

Our Wreaths & Garlands

Balsam or Mixed Greens

If an old-fashioned holiday look is your desire, use our garland to enhance your home or business indoors or outside.  Our garland is also made with the freshest balsam, assembled within days of cutting boughs.  Garland is hand wired and can be made to any length you prefer.  Use on lamp posts, fence rails, window frames, staircases, etc.

Traditional Round Ring ( Comes in 4 sizes)

12”, 14”, 16”, 24”

Candy Cane

Accented with “candy-cane ribbon” (or any color of your choice), this is another popular wreath. Length measures approx. 36″.


One of our most exquisite wreaths, especially with lights woven in the boughs! Just right for apartment dwellers or seniors who don’t want a big tree, or on the outside of your home. Available in Red or Burgundy.

Door swags

Another popular choice!  Length approx. 36″ – a great addition to any door!

Available in Red or Burgundy.

Mailbox huggie

Clamped on a pliable frame, this wreath wraps around your mailbox and secures underneath with a big rubber band. What a festive greeting to your neighbors and Christmas company!

Available in Red or Burgundy.


A symbol of hope and lasting love for a heart wreaths You can hang it on your hallways, doorways, entryways or trees, and elegance to your seasonal decor.


The magic of Christmas is in His presence. Christmas decorations are incomplete without cross wreaths.

Contact us to order and customize your own wreath and Garland!
Q & A - Care Instruction
How to Keep The Christmas Tree Fresh and Fragrant Throughout the Holiday Season?

Answer: Here are a few simple care tips to help the tree retain its moisture: Keep the tree outdoors, protected from the wind and sun until you are ready to decorate it. 

Do I need to do anything before bringing the tree into our home?

Answer: You will need to make a fresh cut a minimum of 1/4″ off the base of the trunk. This opens the tree stem so it can take up water. Immediately place the tree into water. If you allow the water level to drop below the fresh cut, a new seal will form over the stem.

How do you keep a Christmas tree from dying out?

Answer: Remember – Trees are really thirsty ! They may drink between two pints to a gallon of water daily. Check the stand daily and supply fresh hot water as needed. 

Tips: Use a water bearing stand with a capacity of a gallon or more !

Tips: Place your tree away from fireplaces, radiators and other heat sources !

Can I schedule an educational tour?

Answer: Educational tours are available from May to October. Most tours are scheduled from one to two hours. Some of the typical tour activities include:

  • Identification and characteristics of different trees
  • Tree shearing demonstration
  • Use and care of equipment used on the farm
  • Identification of different pests
    • Insects
    • Weeds
    • Animals
  • Tour of gift shop

Our pledge is to send only fresh trees and wreaths. We are 100% confident you will enjoy your tree, wreath, or garland you received from Cupkie’s Christmas Village. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please let us know. We are building a long relationship with our customers, and will do our best to ensure your satisfaction.

To schedule a tour, please contact us